Mark and Jane,
I wanted to take the time to thank you very much for the gifts in celebration of my
birthday. I adore my necklace and was super pleased at the coincidence of you getting
me something from the Savage Stone booth. I get his emails every month and wish he'd
come to Chicago. He hasn't been here once! So thank you!!! And the bouquet was completely
unexpected. I was almost scared it was going to be a practical joke / singing telegraph
My friends would pull something like that. I was glad to see it was the fragrant and beautiful
bouquet. So thank you very much for the wonder gifts and great memories. Below I've lined up
some pictures of my the flowers, my dinner, me wearing my necklace, and some pictures of Chris
zipping along on his roller skates at the rink. Although since my camera is new - the rink
pictures didn't turn out nearly as great as they could have. Sorry! But I hope you enjoy them
Once again, thank you both for everything!!!


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